ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC)

       ISRO PROPULSION COMPLEX (IPRC) formerly Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, Mahendragiri (LPSC-M), is located near Kanyakumari at Mahendragiri Hills, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. It is the major testing hub of ISRO's liquid propulsion systems. The role of IPRC is to carry out research for the development of liquid propulsion systems both for Satellites and Satellite Launch Vehicles. IPRC is equipped with state of the art facilities for the assembly, integration and testing of liquid propulsion systems. It is responsible for the development, qualification and acceptance testing of sub-systems and systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft projects.

Before qualifying an engine through hot test, its subsystems are qualified by conducting cold flow test by using water or simulant fluids. For this cold flow test facilities are established. Apart from this, facilities are established to test/simulate upper stage rocket engines and thrusters/Liquid apogee motors of satellites in vacuum environment. These facilities are also used for developing propulsion systems for inter-planetary missions.

IPRC has the responsibility of delivering the second and fourth stages of ISRO's workhorse launch vehicle PSLV.The improvements and indigenization of components in the above launch vehicle was a major step towards self-reliance.IPRC has played a major role in the development of indigenous cryogenic engine of 75kN thrust capacity for GeoSynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK II (GSLV MKII) and 200kN thrust capacity engine for GSLV MK III.Towards these developments IPRC has done extensive testing and analysis to perfect the cryogenic technology.

ISRO is now working for the development of a high thrust semi-cryogenic engine which uses Liquid Oxygen and Rocket grade Kerosene called Isrosene. This eco-friendly Semi Cryo engine of 2000kN thrust capacity is being developed.IPRC has a significant role in establishing the test facilities for this development. Also establishment of the relatedassembly, integration and propellant storage facilities are in progress.

IPRC has over the years established world class facilities with ambitious Technology development programmes and is a pioneer in the liquid propulsion area.

Shri. M.Badarinarayana Murthy has assumed the charge of Director, IPRC on 01st July 2022.

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