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Welcome to IPRC

ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri is equipped with state-of-the-art- facilities necessary for realising the cutting edge technology products for ISRO's space research program. Formerly, IPRC was known as LPSC, Mahendragiri and taking cognizance of the future growth of the space program of our nation and the concomitant expansion at Mahendragiri, it was elevated as IPRC with effect from February 01, 2014.

Following activities are currently carried out at IPRC,Mahendragiri.

      • Assembly, integration and testing of earth storable and cryogenic engines and stages for PSLV,GSLV and GSLV MKIII launch vehicles.
      • Facilities for Assembly, integration and testing of Semi Cryo engine being established at IPRC, Mahendragiri.
      • Assembly, integration and testing of sub systems for launch vehicles such as turbo pumps, injectors, gas generators, gas bottles, umbilicals etc.
      • High altitude testing of upper stage engines and space craft thrusters, as well as testing of its sub systems.
      • Production and supply of Cryogenic propellants for ISRO's Cryogenic rocket programs.
      • Responsible for supply of Storable Liquid Propellants for ISRO's launch vehicles and satellites programs.
      • PLC based control system for conducting automatic testing of various subsystems of launch vehicles and satellites.
      • Establishment of structural test facility for pressurised hardware up to 5 metre diameter.
      • Calibration and supply of transducers for flight stages.
      • IPRC is equipped with analysis lab where Modeling of components and facilities, thermo structural analysis, CFD analysis of various sub systems are carried out.
      • IPRC delivers quality products to meet the zero defect demand of ISRO space program ensuring high standards of safety and reliability.

IPRC, Mahendragiri also carries out Research & Development (R&D) and Technology Development Programs (TDP) towards continual improvement of its contribution to ISRO space program.

Dr.P.V.Venkitakrishnan has assumed the charge of Director,IPRC on 16th December 2016.

The major achievements of the centre are testing of Vikas engine, CUS engine, Steering engine in Sea level & HAT, PS4 engine, PS4 stage, PS2/GS2 and L40 stage development & qualification tests, CUS stage development test (in progress), Assembly & integration of flight stages PS2/GS2, PS4, L40 for PSLV & GSLV missions, LAM engine and AOCS thruster, HAT testing and Supply of propellant for Launch vehicle and spacecraft missions.

The centre also carries out Research & Developemnt (R&D) and Technology Development Programme (TDP) towards optimizing the test facilities, improving the coating process, etc

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